Walking Around Premier League Football Stadiums

We are always looking at new ways to go for walks and this week we decided to make the journey between both Arsenal and West Ham. Whilst the walk took 5 hours from the Emirates stadium to the Olympic stadium in East London we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and highly recommend it to anyone.

The journey between the two football stadiums took around 2.5 hours due to the foot traffic in central London.

The main reason of the walk was because we were accompanied with football ticket specialists TicketYoda.com. They kindly provided the food and beverages for our walkers and joined us on the journey. All members of the group are based in London for work purposes and therefore fully understand the rivalry between both clubs. Outside of Manchester and Glasgow these two teams are the biggest rivals in the UK.

Do you have any recommendations of 2 landmarks that we can walk between, whilst we love walking in Bedfordshire and around Arlesey we do enjoying changing the plan for new experiences.

We passed through central London and made our way east past Bethnal Green and the famous Bow Bells. After passing through Hackney and Stratford we arrived at Westfield shopping center.

This shopping center is short journey to the London Stadium (previously Olympic Stadium). Get your Arsenal Tickets from the biggest ticket website online for the United Kingdom.

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